Monday, September 17, 2012

Rambling: Designing This Blog

I am a designer.

I design everything at least 10 times before settling on even a base idea/concept. It's what we do -- we need options. We need inspiration.

The countless times I have redesigned this blog usually end the same way. I like it for a week or two, then I start to hate it. I criticize myself for how childish it is and for not challenging myself enough. Yes, I'm that girl. I'm my harshest critic.

My shift at work ended today at 3, and ever since I got home around 4 (hello northern Virginia traffic), I've made coffee, ate a lot of food, and redesigned this blog from top to bottom. The only thing that hasn't changed is the layout.

The single pink bar in the header ITSELF has been changed at least 20-30 times, trying to match the perfect shade of pink in the picture of the peonies over there -> it's that serious.

I'm a perfectionist. I have this knack for knowing when something is right or wrong. My stomach knows when something isn't right. Similar to when I was telling my ex-boyfriend about my new boyfriend and getting a pit in my stomach, thinking that my current boyfriend was about to end it. He ended it the next day.

My gut knows everything.

So, this blog is still in progress. With time I will have a concept, and a look to match it. Maybe even an improved writing style. Right now I just think I sound like a depressed sarcastic girl with no joy in her life. Seriously though, I do!

I'm not all about that, yo.

See you soon, pwp.

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