Monday, September 17, 2012

Instant Connection/Mild Obsession: Coral

So let's talk about how much I love coral. This love affair started approximately in the year 2010 when I purchased a coral/peachy colored purse from Urban with an adorable apple print on the inside. 1. I fucking love when purses have hidden gems on the inside, i.e. prints especially if they're adorable 2. I fucking loved this purse.

I still use this purse. It's just really, really, really huge. It's great to add interest to a boring outfit, but it's extremely impractical to bring out to the bars. It's bigger than I am, proportionally. But. It's. So. Cute.

I've had the same wallet for two years now. It has the same colors featured in this blog design, and I haven't been able to part ways with it. I couldn't find a replacement. FOR TWO YEARS! Today that streak ended with this gem from Urban. Urban always comes to my rescue, I swear.

Coral, a cute laser cut pattern, and gold accents? Sign me up.

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