Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mild Obsession: Inspiration Wall

Slowly setting up [yet another] new desk in the house. I swear I've moved this desk around at least 3 times since moving back home, and it never fails to inspire me for one week and then it becomes just ... a place to throw things. I found that my bedroom is actually the room with the most light, and probably the room with the least amount of spiders. Therefore... office.

I have a bajilli window panels left from when I had six in the 803 apartment and think they make a cute backdrop for all my prints. By the end of the year I hope to have this wall filled with prints and cute things, inspiring images and the like. I already have my favorite editorial shot of Julia Roberts from a 2010 Elle spread framed and up.

Buying a new duvet (originally $120, bought for $20, perks of working at a retail store and catching all the final sales as they go!) really makes the room finally seem more home-y and cozy. And looks adorbs with my clearance sheets from Target last year, just saying.

I think the only full-price thing I've bought from West Elm since working there is a pillow. Yolo.

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